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Welcome To Maestro Tours

If you're looking for an unforgettable wine experience in Italy, Maestro Tours is the perfect destination. Our wine tours are lead by Philip Langford, a wine expert with lifelong experience tasting and appreciating Italian wines. He will guide you through the discovery of some of Italy's finest bottles, showing you hidden gems and giving you a behind-the-scenes look into the wine connoisseur's world. This is the perfect trip for wine enthusiasts or anyone who wants to be immersed in true Italian culture - with our knowledgeable host at your side it is sure to be an enjoyable and memorable tour!


"I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, experience and love for great Italian wine."

Phil Langford - Founder of Maestro Tours

About Your Host

Maestro Tours has been 30 years in the making by Phil Langford. As a British Hospitality Services graduate he moved to Italy in 1992 and has been ingrained in the wine industry ever since. Amongst the many initiatives he spearheaded over the years, he was the first to lead groups of Barolo and Brunellos producers on promotional and educational tours in the USA, Canada, Japan and even Bermuda. Phil’s expertise in Italian wine, food and culture is highly respected throughout the industry. As the former President of an Italian Wine Export company he has developed and worked with hundreds of vineyards throughout Italy. He has travelled extensively over the years learning different cultures, their taste preferences and what different people appreciate about Italy. This gives Phil, and Maestro Tours, a unique positioning in the Italian luxury wine and food business

At Maestro Tours we are able to tailor very personal and exclusive tours to the public, allowing you to really see, feel and understand some of Italy's best kept secrets in both its finest wines and regional cuisines. Each tour is personally lead by Phil. He's fluent in Italian and has built up strong, personal relationships with the wineries, restaurateurs and many hoteliers that you will be visiting on tour. Every Maestro Tour guest can rest assured they will be well looked after and welcomed as a personal guest of Phil.

"A friend of Phil
is a friend of ours!"

"Crafting truly unique and memorable experiences is my priority for you, so I'll be taking you to places off the tourist track, to where some of my very best memories have been acquired over three decades".


With over three decades of experience specialising in Italian wines, Phil will lead you on a journey unlike any other. Exploring places unknown to tourists will make your upcoming wine tour in Italy, a holiday you’ll be fondly recounting at dinners for months after. 


Through meticulous planning every occasion promises time spent with celebrated wine producers, chefs and more; making sure each moment counts towards memorable experiences that last forever.


So join him soon as he takes you through stunning Italy!


Andrea Costanti

Owner of Costanti Estate

"Phil has one of
the best palates I know!"

Matteo Sardagna

Owner of Poderi Luigi Einaudi

Phil is one of the most knowledgeable men I have ever met, because of his passion.

Alina and Filippo Masci

CEO Swan Nautor (until 2008)

Phil is wonderful company in all 
situations and it’s always a fun party with Phil as he has a great sense of humour!

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