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The 3 V's of The North

Sunday 8th September 2024 - Saturday 14th September 2024

Prepare to be swept away on a journey that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary. Maestro Tours invites you to join us on the very limited  '3 V's' tour – a harmonious odyssey through the heart of Italy, where Venice, Verona, and Lake Como seamlessly blend into a breathtaking symphony of culture, gastronomy, and picturesque landscapes. This meticulously crafted itinerary designed for a maximum of 10 guests, is not just a travel experience; it's a composition of unforgettable moments, each note resonating with the essence of these iconic destinations.

As you step onto the cobbled streets of Venice and glide through its canals, feel the magic of a city that breathes history and romance. Venture into the vineyards of Verona, where the rich terroir produces wines that tell stories of the land. Finally, surrender to the allure of Lake Como, where the tranquil waters and majestic villas create a backdrop for moments of pure indulgence. 'The 3 V's' tour is not just a trip; it's an immersive symphony designed to elevate your senses and create memories that linger like a beautiful melody.

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What To Expect

As you embark on this enchanting journey, anticipate a seamless blend of cultural immersion, culinary indulgence, and the kind of breathtaking scenery that Italy is renowned for.

Imagine strolling through the historic streets of Venice, where the echoes of centuries-old tales mingle with the lapping of the canals. Picture yourself savoring exquisite wines in the Amarone District, surrounded by the verdant vineyards of Verona. Feel the charm of Lake Como, where the shimmering waters reflect the elegance of the villas that dot its shores. 'The 3 V's' tour is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each moment is a crescendo of discovery and delight.

Prepare to be swept away by exclusive experiences, from private tours and tastings at renowned wineries to intimate dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants. Our carefully chosen accommodations, including a boutique hotel in Venice and  lakeside luxury on Lake Como, promise a stay as memorable as the destinations themselves. Join us on 'The 3 V's' tour, where every day unfolds as a new movement in the symphony of your Italian adventure. Get ready to be captivated, surprised, and utterly enchanted.

Tour Highlights


  • Day 1: A Venetian Welcome 
    Arrive in Venezia and let the magic of this timeless city envelop you. Glide through the labyrinth of canals on a water taxi, immersing yourself in the enchantment. Your abode for the night is a carefully selected boutique hotel, a haven in the heart of Venice. As the sun begins to wane, indulge in a casual lunch, your first taste of Italy's culinary wonders. The crescendo of the day is an intimate dinner with the Canella family, where Venetian hospitality and delectable cuisine create memories that linger like the city's romantic canals.

  • Day 2: Verona's Symphony of Tastes
    The morning in Venice is yours to savor at your own pace. In the afternoon, bid farewell to Venice and embark on a scenic journey to the Amarone District. Speri Winery awaits, a sanctuary of winemaking tradition where a private tour and tasting unveil the artistry behind their acclaimed wines. As dusk falls, check into a luxurious 5-star abode in the Amarone District before setting out for an unforgettable dinner in the historic city of Verona.

  • Day 3: Verona's Charming Interlude 
    A morning to enjoy and discover Verona at your own pace. As the sun reaches its zenith, relish a delightful lunch in the heart of Verona. The afternoon leads to Costaripa, a winery nestled in the embrace of Lake Garda, where a private tour and tasting offer a sensory journey. The evening unfolds with a Michelin-starred dinner in Desenzano, creating a symphony of flavors against the backdrop of the lake. Return to the 5-star elegance of your sanctuary as the night settles.

  • Day 4: Franciacorta's Elegance and Como's Serenity 
    Bid farewell to Verona and commence your day with a check-out. Your journey leads to Franciacorta, where Bellavista Winery beckons with a private tour and tasting of their renowned sparkling wines. The afternoon invites you to a nearby trattoria in Rovato for a gastronomic journey hosted by the owners of Enrico Gatti winery. As the sun sets, the splendor of Lake Como unfolds. Check into a boutique hotel on its shores and depart for a local restaurant in Cernobbio, where the evening is painted with the palette of Italian culinary excellence.

  • Day 5: Valtellina's Alpine Charms 
    Embark on a captivating journey to Valtellina, commencing with a scenic drive in the morning. Arpepe Winery awaits with a tour and tasting, unveiling the artistry behind their mountain-grown wines. A delightful lunch at a local restaurant complements the experience before driving to the historic Ex Convento di San Lorenzo di Mamete Provestini. Enjoy a private visit and tasting at Marmete Prevostini, delving into the region's winemaking heritage. Returning to your Lake Como retreat in the afternoon, the evening beckons with dinner in the charming town of Cernobbio, marking the end of a day immersed in Valtellina's alpine charm.

  • Day 6: Lake Como Exploration and Evening Cruise
    Seize the morning in Como at your leisure, indulging in a relaxed start or opting for visits to Valtellina wineries (details upon request). As the afternoon unfolds, set sail on a private cruise to the picturesque town of Bellagio. Cruise along the serene waters of Lake Como, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The evening invites a delightful dinner in Bellagio, an enchanting locale. Return to Como under the moonlit sky, concluding your night at the hotel in Cernobbio, where the tranquility of Lake Como serves as the backdrop to your Italian sojourn.

Explore the map above to view a few key places we will be visiting.

If you would like to receive a detailed tour itinerary please click here.

Top Wines To Taste From This Tour

Experience the Best of Italy with Phil 

Phil brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for wine, ensuring that every step of your journey is a tailored masterpiece. For wine enthusiasts seeking a professional tour, Phil's expertise guarantees an unparalleled experience. As the curator of Maestro Tours, he seamlessly blends cultural richness with the artistry of winemaking, offering exclusive access to renowned estates, private tastings, and intimate conversations with Italy's winemaking virtuosos.

Phil's discerning palate and in-depth understanding of regional varietals promise a tasting adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. From the historical cellars of Speri Winery in Verona to the alpine vineyards of Valtellina, Phil unveils the distinctive character of each wine, making every sip a revelation. Join Maestro Tours with Phil at the helm, and you're not just embarking on a tour; you're entering a realm where each vineyard visit is a chapter in the narrative of Italian wine excellence. Let Phil and Maestro Tours guide you through a tailored wine experience, where every pour is a celebration of Italy's diverse and exquisite vinicultural landscape.

What To Know Before You Go


Tour Fitness

Please note our tours are active holidays. Walking, stair-climbing and standing around for lengthy periods are unavoidable aspects of every tour. These features should not present problems for anyone of normal fitness, but our tours and events are not suitable for those who walk slowly, need support, or lack stamina. Please read our Tour Fitness page before booking.


Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions cover everything from booking to insurance. Please give them a read before you book.


Dietary Requirements

All diets can be catered for please just let Maestro Tours know what they are on your booking form.



Unfortunately due to the physical nature of these tours they are not wheelchair friendly.


What's Not Included

Flights/travel to and from Italy. All guests must have their own insurance and show proof of this at the start of the tour. Extras (eg minibar or bar drinks) at the hotels.


Getting There

Every guest of Maestro Tours will be personally welcomed at the airport by our founder Phil Langford. Spot the Maestro Tours sign as you walk out of arrivals! All guests are required to arrange flights that will arrive on the tour start date. Tour start times will vary. We understand arrival times will also vary. Please inform us of your arrival time either by email or on your booking form.  For this tour we reccommend you arrive into Venice Marco Polo Airport by 12pm. If you are arriving by a different mode of transport and will not arrive at the airport, you can make your way to Hotel Ai Reali in Venice. Check in at the hotel will be from 3pm.

Reserve Your Seat for a Wine Adventure Beyond Compare!

Elevate your passion for wine and travel with 'The 3 V's' tour by Maestro Tours, guided by the unparalleled expertise of Phil. Uncover the hidden gems of Venice, Verona, and Lake Como, savoring exclusive tastings and indulging in authentic cultural encounters.


As the curtain falls on each day's rich narrative, you'll find yourself longing for the encore of tomorrow's adventures. Don't miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary journey, secure your place in this curated exploration of Italy's finest. Let Maestro Tours and Phil create an experience that transcends expectations, where each glass of wine is a toast to the beauty of Italy.


Your Italian wine odyssey awaits—reserve your seat and become part of the story!

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