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Unique italian wine tours

Renew the team spirit through

a refreshing group experience with Maestro Tours.

Making Wine

A Corporate Travel Experience That Stands Out From The Crowd

All in one

We provide everything for a successful corporate tour

Team Building

Close clients or build bonds with your team

What better way to strengthen professional relationships. Over a glass of red wine or on the golf course, your corporate tour will inject some fun into your work life! Get your team motivated and reward them with a Maestro Tour!


Get to experience the best of Italy


Have meetings. Organised in great locations

Wine & Food

Experience award-winning wine and food


Fully custom tours based on your needs

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Why choose Maestro tours? 

Our aim is to provide corporate companies with the opportunity to experience the best of Italian wine culture. We offer a variety of tours and packages that are designed to suit your budget and needs.


We believe that wine is an important part of Italian culture and heritage, and we want to share this with you. We hope that you enjoy your time with us and that you leave with a greater understanding and appreciation for Italian wine.


Catered to your needs


Guests per tour


Years of experience

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our clients share memories for life

"I have known Phil for many years and we have spent time together in Northern Italy tens of times. Phil knows the italian culture and the wine industry very well. All the way from Sicily to Piemonte. He has very much passion for the tour and work he does. I can't wait to see him again!"

Matteo Sardagna

Owner of Poderi Einaudi

Get To know Phil, Your Host

Corporate Tours Tailored To Your Exact Needs

Whether you’re looking for a “think tank” for a few days, a team building getaway or some days with your team to regroup and discuss strategy or objectives, a tour with me will be crafted to fit all your needs. 

Having worked in the world of commerce for 27 years, many of which in a managerial/director capacity, I am fully aware of the needs to combine fun with education and meeting the objectives.

The events during your days here in Italy will be synchronised perfectly with your work requirements so that we’re sure your objectives are met. The pace and timing of our wine tastings, dinners and excursions will be coordinated around your requirements.


Getting just the right balance of timing, work and entertainment is crucial to a great tour.

Join me in Italy for an unforgettable experience!

You can reach me anytime at

Corporate tour with ease


Other tour agencies

Maestro Tours

Experienced hosts

All inclusive packages

Customised based on needs

Partnerships with wineyards

Small and large corporate teams


The Perfect Corporate Tour for Working Professionals!

Looking for a way to impress your clients or employees? Look no further than Maestro's corporate tours of Italy's finest wineries! Our tours are the perfect way to show your appreciation for the hard work of your team, and your clients will be impressed by your knowledge of the wine culture!


Discover the best of Italian wine with our corporate tour packages. Our knowledgeable host will take you on a journey through the vineyards, wineries and cellars of Italy, sharing their passion for wine with you.

We offer flexibility in packages that are perfect for working professionals. Book now and experience the best of Italy.